TI-84 CE Review: April Fools’ Special

This is intended solely to be for comedic use.  No shame or harm done to Texas Instruments.  To support them, please go out and purchase this product!  Enjoy this article for April Fools’. First, there was the desktop.  Then, there was the laptop.  Soon after, mobile devices followed.  Desktops got smaller.  Laptops got thinner.  Mobile … Continue reading TI-84 CE Review: April Fools’ Special

The iPhone 7

Another phone review from Sean!  We hope you enjoy! Apple’s newest flagship, the iPhone 7, was released back in September 2016. Although the phone doesn’t seem very different from previous iPhones, the iPhone 7 is definitely the best iPhone Apple has ever created. However, with relatively few changes and the removal of the headphone jack, … Continue reading The iPhone 7