So yeah. I’m Christian Luu and I love technology. The technology I talk about are new (electronic) devices or inventions that help society connect, learn, and discover. I firmly believe that technology will be at the center of every conversation we have within the next two decades. Most, if not all the jobs around this world revolve around technology and/or require the use of technology.

I am what most people would call ‘tech-savvy’. Trying to utilize technology to make everyone’s lives easier is what I try to do everyday. I am happy to talk to people about whatever new electronic device they are thinking about purchasing – discussing with them the pros and cons to each.

In my free-time, I surf the web to catch up with any new development in science or technology. And at other times, I spend it taking photos, programming, building robots, and generally, all things engineering/science.

Through the publication of this blog/website, I hope that anyone and everyone will be able to learn something new about technology.

For those interested, Cary and I have many ideas on the articles that we want to write so make sure to check often!


Christian  Luu

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