Checking the status of the MacBook Pro everyday, I nervously waited for Apple to build and ship my laptop. This was just right after thanksgiving last year (2016).

And then, it was the day. As I said, I was nervous. Nervous because I did not know if this laptop would live up to my expectations – there weren’t many reviews online because it was a newly released product. I waited three whole weeks for my laptop and was hoping for the perfect laptop.

Upon first inspection, everything seemed to go well. The keyboard was better than I thought – it feels nice and tactile although it is arguably quite loud.

Only a few days after receiving the laptop, I began to notice problems with the keyboard. Being used to using the up and down arrow keys to navigate selections, I noticed that the arrow keys often did not register my press. Unfortunately, this was during the time where I had the most assignments from school (I know, school’s a pain – deal with it) so I did not have time to visit the Apple store/talk to Apple and get my laptop fixed. I couldn’t live without a laptop – I had to write essays, complete research papers, edit videos, etc.

But then once I had time to send my laptop in, it was Winter Break (of 2016-2017). During my spring break, I experienced even further problems. Glitches with my laptop’s screen – presumably, the graphics processor was freaking out. This is not uncommon; many people with the same laptop had similar problems.

I sent the laptop in…

Apple responds about one week later saying, now I quote:

The part to fix your computer is out of stock without an ETA.I would like to replace your computer with a brand new one due to the delay.Keep in mind the new one will take about a 1-2 weeks for it to build, ship & deliver

WITHOUT AN ETA?!?! What do you mean? A company that charges tremendous ‘tax’ on their products for customer service doesn’t have the parts to fix a laptop? What was this?

I chose the option to get a brand new computer because two reasons:

  1. Who doesn’t want a new computer for free?
  2. It could be a whole month before I even get my laptop fixed, or it could be a week – it’s a matter of ‘luck’. Getting a new computer guaranteed that I’ll have it within two weeks.
So now it’s a waiting game… I’ll write an update once I get my laptop back.
(For those of whom are wondering, I’m currently surviving on a Lenovo.)

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